2017 Focus Groups

In the afternoon, all campers will participate in a chosen FOCUS GROUP.  All campers should choose from the following offerings:

CARPENTRY with Jim – Constructing new objects for camp such as benches and picnic tables. Campers who choose this group will learn to use tools, tool safety,  simple building skills and more!

POTTERY with Randy – Learn and perfect your handbuilding and wheel work while making new pottery creations.  Items will be kept and glazed next year.

NORTHEASTERN VERMONT LAKE ECOLOGY with the newest member of our team Tom Streeter – Discover Parker Lake’s aquatic web of life from land and boats!  Use various gathering techniques to locate and identify a variety of the lake’s plants and animals while learning how they interact to live. Please bring your life jacket.

PIONEER THEATER with Michele – We will bring history to life as we read through and rehearse a play written about the people who dedicated their lives to the old Glover church. We will spend the week getting to know these interesting folks and developing their characters.  On Friday we will recreate their stories on stage as we present our play to our friends and community at the West Glover Church!


We invite parents, family members and adult volunteers to visit us during camp to celebrate the last 21 years of Pioneer Camp, get a sense of our mission and a taste of the camp experience.

Focus Group sizes will be from 8 to 12 participants, not all campers will be able to get their first choice group, but we try to make sure that as many campers as possible do.

Focus group choice is on a first-come, first-served basis, so please get your registration in early. Early registration is also vital to helping us plan for camp.

The deposit fee is $35 for the first child and $15 for each additional child in a family.

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