2018 Focus Groups

In the afternoon, all campers will participate in a chosen FOCUS GROUP.  All campers should choose from the following offerings:

For the youngest campers, first & interested second graders

Bugs & Beginning Nature for the Youngest Campers with Peggy

Explore the natural world around us and learn how it is interconnected. Observe bugs, birds, plants, and animals with hands-on nature activities.

Second or Third grade and up

Hiking to History with Tom & Michele

Pioneer Camp is central to an abundance of historical sites and natural wonders. Campers will get to explore places like the “Old Cemetery” and learn about some of the old pioneers buried there, Lone Tree Hill, and the old commune at Mullein Hill. Come enjoy some fun hiking times including compass reading and some orienteering. We will be doing some kayaking and fishing at beautiful Lake Parker, as well.

The Pioneer Players present with Leanne“The Bear That Heard Crying.”

Campers who enjoy putting on costumes, designing sets, and using their imaginations will work together to create a dramatization of local author Natalie Kinsey-Warnock’s book, “The Bear That Heard Crying.” This story tells about the real-life adventure of a young pioneer girl who becomes lost in the woods. Students will spend the week rehearsing the play, and then perform for their families and the rest of the camp on Friday afternoon.

Stones & Bones: West Glover Cemetery with Joanie & Jim

Sometimes we only think about cemeteries at Halloween time, when they are portrayed as creepy and spooky! But there is lots to discover in a graveyard. Whatever your passion is—stories, history, art, writing, nature, poetry, math, science, music, genealogy—you can find it, and more, in a cemetery. Come explore the West Glover cemetery. Campers will also get their hands busy with some community service work cleaning up stones, cutting back some encroaching brush, and even a little resetting of fallen small stones.

Carpentry 101 with Art & Randy

Learn how to use basic hand tools and tool safety and small project woodworking techniques. We will be building picnic tables, birdhouses and whatever else strikes our fancy. Because the town has been so generous with Pioneer Camp, we want to give back and support the beautification of the town green in Glover Village with the donation of one of our picnic tables. We will all sign the gift and you will be remembered for your contribution. Also, every camper will take home a birdhouse that you have constructed.


We invite parents, family members and adult volunteers to visit us during camp to celebrate Pioneer Camp, get a sense of our mission and a taste of the camp experience.

Focus Group sizes will be from 8 to 12 participants, not all campers will be able to get their first choice group, but we try to make sure that as many campers as possible do.

Focus group choice is on a first-come, first-served basis, so please get your registration in early. Early registration is also vital to helping us plan for camp.

The deposit fee is $35 for the first child and $15 for each additional child in a family.

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