Junior Counselors

Junior Counselors are an important part of the Glover Pioneer Camp program.  From leading group games, to assisting staff counselors, we rely on our Junior Counselors to make camp programs run smoothly and to help assure the safety of younger campers. The job carries either Lake Region High School community service credits or a stipend —  and can be a valuable resume builder if you do it well.
We are making changes to our Junior Counselor program in order to improve its effectiveness:

  •  For the 2017 camp season, Junior Counselors must be entering high school (9th grade and up) in the fall.
  • Junior Counselors will be required to attend a full day of orientation, training, and helping with camp set-up the week prior to the opening of camp.
  • Pioneer Camp will make every effort to make your duties and our expectations clear.  In return, we expect Junior Counselors to be focused and ready to help at all times.

Being a Junior Counselor at Glover Pioneer Camp is a serious responsibility. It is not just about earning credits, or socializing with other junior counselors (although this is a fun plus when the time is right.) It is important that you are prepared to give this job your full attention, to offer help to your assigned counselor even before you are asked, and to work well with and without supervision. Attitude is important too! That is a lot to ask, but we are looking for very special young people.

This summer’s Glover Pioneer Camp will be held Monday, June 26 to Friday, June 30, from 8:30 am. to 3 pm.
Camp is based at the Parker Settlement near West Glover. Camp participants are students going into the 1st through 8th grades next year.  Junior Counselors are high school students, going into 9th-12th grade in the fall.
We expect 40-50 campers for the week. Campers are broken into smaller groups of 8 to 10 kids for focus groups and classes.  We hope to have at least one junior counselor and one or more parent volunteers to help with each group. Additionally, there will be several times during the day when you will be responsible for supervising games, activities, snacks —  and safety —  for various other small groups of campers.
The Glover Pioneer Camp program, which is sponsored by the Glover Historical Society, includes hiking, games, archeology, crafts, nature study, fort building, and other activities. Your days will start at the Parker Settlement at 8:15 am. each morning.  You will need to arrive in time to be organized and ready to help by 8:15 am.  At the end of the day we will go swimming in Parker Pond.  You will be responsible for walking a group of children back up the hill and being sure that they remain away from the parking area until they are picked up by their parents at 3 pm.  You will be able to leave at 3:15 pm each day.
Your responsibilities will include:

  • Leading games before Morning Meeting
  • Walking groups of children between activities or locations
  • Helping with the fort building
  • Carrying out an assigned duty during swimming
  • Noticing any camper who needs extra help and being their buddy
  • Letting the adults know if anyone has a problem or medical needs
  • Assisting your assigned adult counselor with a class or focus group.
    • Individually assisting campers with skills they need for activities.
    • Helping to keep the group focused and organized.
    • Being a leader and a role model for younger kids.
    • Being responsible for your group’s first aid kit

If you are not working for LRHS community service credit, the pay rate is $100 for new counselors and more for returning counselors for the week of camp plus a full day for orientation and training.

If you are interested in being a Junior Counselor at Glover Pioneer Camp, please complete the on-line application or mail completed application to: Jr. Counselor Job,  Attn: Betsy Day, 765 Parker Rd, West Glover, VT  05875. If you have any questions, call Betsy Day at 525-4051 or email Cleopatra Jones at cleopatra@glovervillage.com. Thank you!

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